Store closed for a week.

Howdy Troop, The store is currently closed for a week while I take care of some business. I’ll be opening back up on the 1st of July. Any orders already placed will be shipped today. Don’t worry, I’m comin back  

New Monkey University: Sexy Mechs.

Howdy Monkeys,   I put up a new Monkey University today on mechanical Mods. This one’s a biggee. You can find it HERE on reddit or, as always theres an archive of links on the Monkey University Archives page.   -Lance

You may have noticed…

AHOY.   If you follow the monkey on any social networks you might have noticed that I’ve got the blog set to send a post to Twitter and Facebook everytime I make a new post. This is so folks can easily keep up with any announcements I make. I’m knee deep in a number of […]

Ekowool/Kanthal restock and a KTS/CCTS Sale.

Gonna be a weird week… I’m going to be staggering my restock of Ekowool as I figure out a more effective method of processing 1kilometer of the stuff   I just put up 200 pieces of Ekowool, don’t fret, if it sells out fast more will be going up later in the week. I just […]

New Monkey U: Moving beyond your ego.

Check out the Money U archive page or just visit the reddit post directly Here. Monkey University is a weekly installment where I basically ramble on for ~10000 words about a vape related topic in an effort to put more good information out there into the world for folks.

New Monkey U and some other store news.

Howdy Troop,   I’m still “Shadowbanned” on reddit so the Beard has taken over my posting duties there. I put up a new Monkey University Here or you can click on the monkey university archives page above to find the link if you just like clicking more than you need to. I also posted a fair […]