You may have noticed…

AHOY.   If you follow the monkey on any social networks you might have noticed that I’ve got the blog set to send a post to Twitter and Facebook everytime I make a new post. This is so folks can easily keep up with any announcements I make. I’m knee deep in a number of […]

New Monkey U: Moving beyond your ego.

Check out the Money U archive page or just visit the reddit post directly Here. Monkey University is a weekly installment where I basically ramble on for ~10000 words about a vape related topic in an effort to put more good information out there into the world for folks.

New Monkey U and some other store news.

Howdy Troop,   I’m still “Shadowbanned” on reddit so the Beard has taken over my posting duties there. I put up a new Monkey University Here or you can click on the monkey university archives page above to find the link if you just like clicking more than you need to. I also posted a fair […]