Living with the Kanger Subtank, 1 week in.

So, I listed the Kanger Subtank Mini and Subtank Nano last week. I normally do some exhaustive testing of a product before I put it up on the site but this time I just listed em as soon as they came in. Primarily because I had plenty of demand and a lot of good info […]

Twotonian Parallel boxes. Power AND Longevity.

While I was online only, I never wanted to be ‘out of stock’ on anything. If a supplier couldn’t keep up with my stores demands, I simply found a product to fill that gap that could. What that ended up meaning is that I carried very few “unicorn” type devices. I never picked up high […]

Currently packing in the dark…

Of course power wiuld go out on the day I have to ship an ass load of zna…  luckily I set up my system to be able to print labels and process orders on my cell phone. I am smashin fortune cookies and packing orders under the soft glow of a battery powered lamp. Happy […]

Zen bounty hunter contest.

The first person to tweet me a picture of Zen using one of the Link RDAs or a Brass Monkey tube gets a free CE drip tip. No, Zen, you don’t get to play Tweet the pic to @steammonkey @houseofhybrids  

Save a tree…

Mornin, Troopers!   One of my on-going tasks as a business owner is to try to make my operations as environmentally sound as possible. I’ve been making changes since I launched to become more efficient and less wasteful. Until now, those changes have been mostly behind the scenes as far as my customers perspective. Today […]

How to keep up with the Monkey.

Ahoy! (in a pirate mood today).   If you want to keep up with the monkey and his various news (and trust me, the last half of the year is gonna be chock full of it) you might wanna add me on various social networks. You can use the little links on the side of […]