AW batteries and Vapersapien kit refresh!

Howdy, Monkeys! Been a while, things are nutso up here in monkey land. But, I’ve just added some new stuff recently so I figured I’d pop over here and give everyone an update. The Silverback Kit: Im constantly trying to provide the best options for vapers at all levels and as such, I’ve brought in […]

Back online, juice sale, and help me move the Bear to Texas. is back online. Got a few announcements to go along with it too. First: Sunrise is live. The new premium flavor from Grizzly Vapes. It’s a blueberry, honey, citrus flavor with all the complexity you’d expect from a grizzly vapes juice and all the difficulty in actually describing the flavor. It’s good, nuff said […]


Steammonkey is offline for a little bit. I’m doing some back end work that is too much of a hassle to handle with the site live. Since I’m out of stock on so much crap right now, I figured what better time to do it I’ll be back soon!

ZNA Link Edition (last batch) Is Live.

The last batch I’m having made of the Link Edition ZNA is live. I’ll have a few with me in Tampa next weekend but other than that, the Link Edition is done after this batch! Also, the Link RDA is still on sale for 70$ and it goes GREAT with the ZNA

Vapersapian starter kits. New additions.

Howdy, All!   I’ve been busy working on my Vapersapian starter kits, the Chimp and Silverback have been crowd favorites for a while and they’ve recently been pretty seriously upgraded. I’ve also added the Spidermonkey and Gibbon kit. Details on each kit below, along with links… but more than that tonight. I’ve restocked 18490 and […]

Cyber Monkay… err Mondey… whatever, you get it.

I don’t do sales usually but hey, Cyber Monday… Tonight at about 10pm CDT I’ll be updating the prices for Cyber Monday on the following items: The Best hybrid, rebuildable dripping atomizer rig on the market. 18650 Mode: Regular price: $187. Cyber Monday Price: $150 18490 Mode: Regular price: $185. Cyber Monday Price: $148 The […]

Wick and Wire update.

Been a while, but it’s cause I’ve been in the shop processing crazy amounts of wick and wire. I’ve updated the wick and wire offerings on SteamMonkey.   Wire: I now sell 28awg, 30awg, and 32awg Kanthal in 30ft lengths for $8.50 as opposed to the old $3.50 for 10ft. I’ve made my process for […]

Give the Gift of Monkey Money.

I had em, I took em down, I brought em back. Gift Certificates. I’ve just re-enabled gift certificates on You can find them in any category and this is how they work: You’ll see a price of 0 listed. You add to cart. It asks you if you’d like to deliver via email or […]