Fridge Stands!

New custom magnetic stands for your vape gear! The SteamMonkey Fridge Stands. They come in a few different form factors and colors right now, I’ll be adding more as I can. If you have something specific you’d like to see in a fridge stand, feel free to contact me via the website or on facebook. […]

Monkey University Reboot: Parallel vs Series batteries.

This is the first installment of the Monkey University Reboot. I won’t have a schedule for these, it’ll be more of a “As I come up with topics to discuss” type of situation. Today’s topic: Parallel vs Series battery configurations. A lot of devices out, and coming out, are utilizing more than 1 battery. Some […]

Bulkybear discount and new hand blown glass tips.

Howdy, All.   Just had a couple additions to the store. First of which is the addition of the Bulkybear discount. I’ve been getting asked quite a bit to get bigger bottles of Nannerbear and Kokobear (And i’m sure Polarbear will be asked about too when we launch it!). Rather than change up our stock […]

Kokobear and the Smok Magneto

It’s not all about the Link this weekend! I just put two new items up in stock. The Smok Tech Magneto¬†which, while not as super awesome cool as my own Link (c’mon, daddy’s gotta be proud!) it’s a DAMN fine mech. I picked one up a few weeks ago to try it out and was […]

Restock and some new items! 5-29-2013

Howdy Monkeys,   I’ll be restocking tonight at 6pm CST. We’ve got a bunch of old favorites coming back as well as some new and exciting items for the store. I’ll be posting some videos of new and old products along with the restock hopefully (if I get done in time!) and i”ll update this […]