Living with the Kanger Subtank, 1 week in.

So, I listed the Kanger Subtank Mini and Subtank Nano last week. I normally do some exhaustive testing of a product before I put it up on the site but this time I just listed em as soon as they came in. Primarily because I had plenty of demand and a lot of good info […]

SXMini by Yihi now available.

If you know what the SXMini is and what it does, feel free to skip the rest of this and just head over HERE to pick one up or swing by the store if you’re in the area. If you don’t… read on, cause this is a fantastic device with a lot going on. Yihi […]

Aero Tank bases.

Just a quicky, I just added Aerotank bases to the site. get that AFC on your Protank 2, Protank 3, or use it as a super tiny, unstable coaster for pretentious little drinks. Probably shouldn’t do that last one.

AW batteries and Vapersapien kit refresh!

Howdy, Monkeys! Been a while, things are nutso up here in monkey land. But, I’ve just added some new stuff recently so I figured I’d pop over here and give everyone an update. The Silverback Kit: Im constantly trying to provide the best options for vapers at all levels and as such, I’ve brought in […]

Vapersapian starter kits. New additions.

Howdy, All!   I’ve been busy working on my Vapersapian starter kits, the Chimp and Silverback have been crowd favorites for a while and they’ve recently been pretty seriously upgraded. I’ve also added the Spidermonkey and Gibbon kit. Details on each kit below, along with links… but more than that tonight. I’ve restocked 18490 and […]

Last day to get MOIST (and a restock)

I’m changing juice offerings up for 2014 and as such, I need to move my current 15ml bottles. the Coupon code MOIST will get you 40% off any 15ml bottle of liquid in your cart. that means 15ml for 6 bucks. Today is the last day I’m running the sale, after this I’m just taking […]