Ursimian LLC, now the proud distributor of Loki Lab products.

Howdy, folks!   I’m proud to announce that Ursimian has picked up the Loki Lab brand. We will be acting as the official wholesale distributor for all current and future Loki Lab products. If you’re unfamiliar with Loki Lab, check out their website at http://lokilab.com. Hint: They made the Omega that’s been cloned all to […]

Introducing Flavor of The Month discounts (FOTM Coupon).

As of May, I’m starting a Flavor of The Month coupon. Each month I’ll be highlighting a specific flavor from the Grizzly Vapes line or a “special guest” juice I pick up from another juice crafter. During that juices month you can put in FOTM in the coupon code and it’ll give ya 10% off […]

Aero Tank bases.

Just a quicky, I just added Aerotank bases to the site. get that AFC on your Protank 2, Protank 3, or use it as a super tiny, unstable coaster for pretentious little drinks. Probably shouldn’t do that last one.

AW batteries and Vapersapien kit refresh!

Howdy, Monkeys! Been a while, things are nutso up here in monkey land. But, I’ve just added some new stuff recently so I figured I’d pop over here and give everyone an update. The Silverback Kit: Im constantly trying to provide the best options for vapers at all levels and as such, I’ve brought in […]