Living with the Kanger Subtank, 1 week in.

So, I listed the Kanger Subtank Mini and Subtank Nano last week. I normally do some exhaustive testing of a product before I put it up on the site but this time I just listed em as soon as they came in. Primarily because I had plenty of demand and a lot of good info […]

Twotonian Parallel boxes. Power AND Longevity.

While I was online only, I never wanted to be ‘out of stock’ on anything. If a supplier couldn’t keep up with my stores demands, I simply found a product to fill that gap that could. What that ended up meaning is that I carried very few “unicorn” type devices. I never picked up high […]

The Kanger SubTank Mini and Nano are live.

Quick update time. I just stocked the Kanger Subtank Mini, Kanger Subtank Nano, and the Kanger Subtank OCC coils at Personal thoughts: They’re pretty good, better than the Atlantis? Not sure… I personally prefer the Atlantis because of the aesthetics, the performance is pretty much identical. The Atlantis feels more solidly built to me, […]

Monkey University Reboot: Parallel vs Series batteries.

This is the first installment of the Monkey University Reboot. I won’t have a schedule for these, it’ll be more of a “As I come up with topics to discuss” type of situation. Today’s topic: Parallel vs Series battery configurations. A lot of devices out, and coming out, are utilizing more than 1 battery. Some […]

SXMini by Yihi now available.

If you know what the SXMini is and what it does, feel free to skip the rest of this and just head over HERE to pick one up or swing by the store if you’re in the area. If you don’t… read on, cause this is a fantastic device with a lot going on. Yihi […]

Super Simple Sampler Sale! And Decodence soft launch.

Howdy, All. In honor of the final Simple juice hitting the shelves we’ve decided to do something silly… we’ve never offered sample packs and rather than doing some dinky 5ml sampler, we’ve decided to just offer up all 15 flavors in a Super Sampler for $45. Yes, 15x 30ml bottles, one of each Simple Flavor […]

The Blog Reboot

Seriously this time… I’ll be posting updates via the blog for ‘most’ things. They’ll go out to the Twitters, facebooks, and google+’s as well. (btw, follow us on those pages!). What’s been going on:¬†Added a bunch of fancy stuff over the last couple of months to the USA Hardware section. The FUFDA, our own mechanical […]